LCD 3.2' LCD Ultra HD 480x320

LCD 3.2\'  LCD Ultra HD 480x320
This module is 3.2 inch TFT LCD with 262K color 480 x 320 resolutions. The controller of this LCD module is HX8357B, it supports 16-wires DataBus interface. Moreover, this module includes 5V~3.3V power conversion circuit and Level conversion circuit; This Module can Directly inserted into the Arduino Mega2560 Board, it also includes the SD card socket and SPI FLASH circuit.


- Support Arduino Mega2560 Directly inserted;

- With Full-angle IPS TFT panel;

- OnBorad level conversion chip for 5V/3.3V MCU;

- Compatible with 3.3/5V operation voltage level;

- Compatible with Arduino-Series development Board;

- Compatible with UTFT / UTFT_Buttons /Utouch Library for Arduino.

- Provided 12-examples with Arduino, 3-examples with STM32;

- With SD Card Socket;

- With SPI FLASH circuit;

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